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Welcome to Healing Space Cape Town.

“Reconnect to your body’s natural state of well-being”

Sally is an Integrative Body Practitioner. She combines 18 years of international Physiotherapy experience with Therapeutic Yoga, Myofascial Release and Interoceptive Body Awareness to create an integrated approach for people living with illness, injury or disability, and for anyone looking to optimize their mental and physical health.


Sally believes deeply that no health issue or trauma is meant to disempower us or lead us to a life less fulfilling or less joyful. These experiences provide opportunities for us to stop and take notice, to increase our awareness and to tune in to ourselves on levels that we would not have otherwise done. This kind of internal body work creates the sense of trust and safety that we desire but often attempt to gain from external sources.

These therapies calm and relax the body, cleanse the body, promote powerful insight, unblock stuck energy and balance the body on all levels through positive shifts. This integrated body work can be done by anyone and is greatly beneficial for people with cancer, chronic illness, neurological disorders, stress and anxiety or depression.


Gentle and restorative yoga that uses yoga postures, breathwork and meditation to improve mental and physical health.


Sustained hands-on soft tissue and connective tissue techniques delivered in an individualized manner which offer body-wide changes and tissue reorganization.


Conscious breathing and mindful body scanning which enhances the perception of internal bodily sensations.

About Sally Kipps

After practicing Physiotherapy in the United Kingdom, Australia and America with a special interest in Stroke Care and Neurological Conditions, Sally noticed that people who developed physical issues through medical conditions or trauma remained mentally and emotionally disconnected from parts of their bodies despite therapeutic interventions. This lack of body awareness can cause physical and energetic stagnation which can lead to suboptimal outcomes that cannot be medically explained: ongoing pain beyond tissue repair, pain or restricted movement in other parts of the body, recurring illness, discomfort and instability and even mental health issues. Knowing that she could serve people better, Sally began to study alternative healing modalities and to explore them in her own life.

Today she merges her medical background with holistic healing to provide an opportunity for others to become students of their unique bodies.

As with all of us, Sally has her own challenges. She has a genetic degenerative retinal disorder which was diagnosed at the age of six.


Her vision impairment set her on a pilgrimage of self-discovery and healing. Through the healing therapies that Sally has done for herself she has learnt how to tune into her body and in doing so she has maintained her eyesight and function beyond medical expectation. Sally is living proof of the benefits of the work that she now hopes to provide for others.

Sally’s intention for Healing Space Cape Town is to provide a safe space for anyone experiencing bodily dis-ease in any form to explore their bodies through interoceptive awareness – the ability to sense what is going on inside our bodies. Her promise is to teach you to tune into your body and allow it to return to its natural state of well-being, ease and homeostasis.

Professional qualifications

Clinical Doctorate in Physical Therapy – Montana USA, 2017
Bachelor of Science with Honours in Physiotherapy – UK, 2000
Associate of the Arts in Liberal Arts – Hawaii USA, 2015
Yoga Teacher Training 200hr – Hawaii USA, 2015
Yoga Teacher Training 200hr – Cape Town, 2018
Yoga for people living with cancer – UK, 2018

Affiliations and registrations

Health and Care Professions Council UK, 2000
Physiotherapy Board of New Zealand, 2003
Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency, 2003
Hawaii State Board of Physical Therapy, 2015
Yoga Alliance, 2018

About Holistic Healing

We are living in an age where science meets spirituality. The effectiveness of a holistic approach to illness, chronic pain and any dis-ease in the body is being supported by clinical outcomes and research. A purely medical approach to health is greatly effective in diagnosing and curing physical issues, and providing the fix we all desire when something happens to disrupt our trust in our bodies. But because energy cannot be created nor destroyed but only changes form, it is most common that the imbalance that caused the dis-ease in the first place merely moves somewhere else or into some other form in the body.

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A medical diagnosis or trauma provides us with an indicator to pay attention to the conversation our body is trying to have with us. If we take a moment and commit to listening, we find that our bodies hold all the answers for our situation and only we can access that information through intimately connecting with ourselves.

No one can predict how our unique body is going to respond on our unique path. We have seen time and time again that what works for one person does not necessarily work for another for the simple reason that there are no recipes, we are all different.

Holistic healing attends to the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of body issues to access the cause for dis-ease. Functional imaging studies provide evidence that all aspects of our being, our thoughts, emotions and beliefs, often through subconscious programming, create chemical changes in our cells and tissues (in particular the myofascial system) providing them with information and memories. And so our bodies become a mirror of what is going on inside.

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Healing Space Cape Town is located within Primal Motion. The centre offers physical coaching that is aimed at enhancing athletic capability and functional performance.